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Theatre at Two Rivers 2017 Performance

The Tempest, performed by Theatre at Two Rivers

This year the Two Rivers Theatre Program will be returning to its roots and producing William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Performances will occur on May 27th and June 3rd at Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla, OR.

Shakespeare’s final play is a treatise on forgiveness, isolation, love, and knowledge as power. Our actors have been at work since January and we’d love to have you join us. Please check out this link if you’d like any more information on The Tempest:

This performance will again be Co-Directed by Anna Crandall, Victoria Spencer, and Patrick Walsh.

Please contact Patrick at to reserve your tickets or with any questions. We have a limit of 90 outside visitors per performance, so please email sooner rather than later.

Interview with Johnny Stallings

> Read about OHOM and Johnny Stallings featured in Portland Street Roots.
Amanda Walthourpe does an excellent job at capturing the essence of Johnny Stallings, Open Hearts Open Minds and all those, both inside and out that participate in our programs.

Interview with Anna Crandall

> Read our interview with Co-Director Anna Crandall, The Making of a Play talking about working with the Metamorphoses script, getting approval from the DOC and making changes to the script.

Twelve Angry Women at Coffee Creek

Juror 2 Reaches Out

Juror 2 Reaches Out

Pictures of the May 31, 2016 performance of Twelve Angry Women by members of Theatre at Coffee Creek are now live. We have three pages plus a downloadable slideshow.
> Visit our gallery and please enjoy!
> Read about the performance.

An Interview with Carla Grant

Carla Grant
Carla Grant is co-director of Theatre at Coffee Creek. In January 2017, Carla became Board President of Open Hearts Open Minds.
> read our interview with Carla

The Value of Theater in Prison

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