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As my time for departure draws near, I’m increasingly searching for the brake pedal, not out of any anxiety for what awaits me – I’m actually pretty excited and enthusiastic – but out of sadness for those I will leave behind.  > read more

For 2013, inmates of Two Rivers Correctional Institution produced their fourth Shakespeare play, King Lear. We also began a dialogue group at Columbia River Correctional Institution. Meet Victoria Spenser, our volunteer who has been working with us at Columbia River. We have also started working with the Immigration and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). Projects include Ghanaian drummer Nii Ardey Allotey conducting a drumming circle for families from the African community, arranging for over 75 families to attend the Oregon Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker plus hooking up beloved puppeteer, Red Yarn to an after-hours event at the Portland Children’s museum with over 400 members of the IRCO community.