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A Letter from Nathan Harris

Dec. 2k 13

Nathan Harris as Gloucester in performance of King Lear

Nathan Harris as Gloucester in performance of King Lear

To all at —
Open Hearts Open Minds.

I welcome you anytime into my life!I thank you for letting me be a part of yours.I would like to thank everyone on an individual basis. It might just be easier to say all that know Johnny Stallings and have taken part in his outreach @ TRCI. I know the list is long.

Why? Because the “impact” of your group is not something you see every day and neither are the results. I could have participated many years ago, but it was one day that I had noticed a change in another man’s life, how he acted, his reassuring, his speech, that made me ask him: “What’s wrong? You’re not acting ‘YOURSELF’”. 20 min. later I was hooked on the idea, these MEN were talking about things that I knew I wanted to talk about and hear different ideas about, and that it’s okay to be different. It’s helpful and reasoning, supportive, and life-altering—to a betterment of my self and those I’m around.

I am so touched to have met so many wonderful people, some many times over. I miss those I only get to see once a year. I so much want to live my life anew and have you all as my continued support and friends.

I love YOU! All
Happy Holidays

Make Your Soul Grow!
Nathan Harris #12359082 TRCI