Theatre at Coffee Creek
Coffee Creek Correctional Institution
Wilsonville, OR

Twelve Angry Women
May 31, 2016

Twelve Angry Women: Page 1
Twelve Angry Women: Page 2
Twelve Angry Women: Page 3

View and/or download Twelve Angry Women Slideshow (PDF)

Two Rivers Correctional Institution
Umatilla, OR

The Hamlet Project
September 12 and 26, 2015

The Hamlet Project: Page 1
The Hamlet Project: Page 2
The Hamlet Project: Page 3
The Hamlet Project: Page 4

> The Hamlet Project all images (PDF)

The Winter’s Tale
September 27, 2014

The Winter’s Tale: Page 1
The Winter’s Tale: Page 2
The Winter’s Tale: Page 3

> view and/or download The Winter’s Tale all images (PDF)

Streaming Video

Ashley Lucas, Director of the Prison Arts Creative Project, visiting after the performance of The Winter's Tale

Ashley Lucas, Director of the Prison Arts Creative Project

You can now stream Ashley Lucas' talk from September 2014.

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