Our Interns

2016 Summer Student Intern

Julia Carnes 2016 Summer Intern

Julia Carnes
2016 Summer Intern

Julia Carnes is a student at Yale University with a major in American Studies. She brings with her a multitude of talents and experiences. Throughout her time at school she has been actively involved in both Student and Community Engagement projects. These include volunteer work with youth, behind-the-scenes business operations, and social media outlet work. She has been able to fold her talent as both singer/songwriter and musician into her work. OHOM has been amazingly lucky to have her here with us for the 2016 summer internship. Her songs and her voice have wrapped us in a cloud of magic, inspiring us all. Ms. Carnes will be spending her time at all three facilities.

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2016 Winter Student Intern

Maria Vargas Aguilar

Maria Vargas Aguilar
Bennington College Intern

Maria Vargas Aguilar is a student at Bennington College, studying Visual & Performing Arts, and Conflict Resolution. Each academic year, Bennington students participate in a seven-week, off-campus winter term called Field Work Term. Maria will be working alongside us for the first seven weeks of 2016. We are lucky to have her. She has a diverse range of experiences, working with at risk youth in Central America and has taken on leadership roles working in education and the arts.