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Ashley Lucas, Director of the Prison Creative Arts Project, visiting after the performance of The Winter's Tale

Ashley Lucas, Director of the Prison Creative Arts Project, visiting after the performance of The Winter’s Tale

If you are looking for a good prison arts program to model after, the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) in Ann Arbor, Michigan would be an excellent start. Founded in 1990 by University of Michigan English Literature Professor, Buzz Alexander, PCAP trains college students to facilitate arts workshops in prisons, juvenile facilities, and Detroit high schools.

PCAP courses taught at the University of Michigan serve as gateways for undergraduate participation in arts workshops and provide structured support for the workshops as well as academic training in issues surrounding incarceration and practical skills in the arts.

In September 2014 we welcomed Ashley Lucas, Associate Professor of Theater & Drama, and Director of the Prison Creative Arts Project. Ashley is the author of an ethnographic play about the families of prisoners. Ashley, herself is a daughter of an incarcerated parent. Additionally, Ashley expands her coursework and studies internationally. This year, she will be heading up a class in Theater and Incarceration class in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

During her visit, Ashley gave a talk in Portland and performed part of her one woman show. Ashley attended the performance of The Winter’s Tale at Two Rivers Correctional Institution and had a special meeting with the Oregon Department of Corrections to share her work and expertise on prison arts program.

ZEINA DACCACE: Film Director and Drama Therapist

Zeina Daccache

Zeina Daccache, Drama Therapist and Filmmaker

In 2012, in concert with the Two Rivers Correctional Institution’s production of Twelve Angry Men, Open Hearts Open Minds was thrilled to host Lebanese film director and drama therapist, Zeina Daccache presenting her film 12 Angry Lebanese, a film of her production of Twelve Angry Men at Roumieh Prison in Lebanon and a video recording of her theatre production Scheherezade in Baabda.

Zeina attended the play at Two Rivers and the following day met with the performers, guiding them in a special drama therapy exercise. Zeina also had the opportunity to tour both Two Rivers and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

Streaming Video

Ashley Lucas spoke at the First Unitarian Church in Portland in September 2014 and was recorded by Flying Focus Video. We now have a streaming version of her presentation. Check it out!

Michigan Prison Arts Initiative

Learn more about PCAP and the work that it does by watching this video.

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