Columbia River: Arts in Prison

OHOM began offering a weekly class starting in January 2014 titled Arts in Prison to a group of about 30 inmates at Columbia River Correctional Institution in Portland, OR. As part of the program, artists from a variety of disciplines including theater, creative writing and story telling are brought in to work with the inmates.  Participants have the opportunity to share their poetry and stories and other talents. 

Springtime at Columbia River

“Spring Forward” was our Spring 2015 performance, our second performance since our Prison Arts program began in 2014 out at Columbia River Correctional Institution. Members of our weekly class performed both original music and poetry. Family members and friends and supporters of OHOM attended. We were all deeply touched!

This April the Prison Arts class was attended by participants in a First Unitarian Church of Portland’s Adult Education class. We had a packed room! The class had the opportunity to hear performances and stories from individuals on the inside. There will be a follow up meeting and discussion on the outside.

We’d like to thank the artists have visited our Prison Arts Program

On May 27, 2014, the inmates performed for their first time: CREDIT FOR TIME SERVED: AN EVENING OF STORIES, POEMS & SONGS.